Wine Quiz


1.  Which of the following amari is available in a mint version?
a) Aperol
b) Campari
c) Averna
d) Fernet Branca

2.  Grillo is one of the traditional grapes of which of the following wines?
a) Port
b) Marsala
c) Vin Santo
d) Sauternes

3.  Which wine is produced in Umbria?
a) Frascati
b) Grego di Tufo
c) Orvieto
d) Rosso Piceno

4.  What spirit was originally known as the “elixir of long life”?
a) Chartreuse
b) Kina Lillet
c) Averna
d) Calvados

5.  Which is a Chablis Grand Cru?
a) Fixin
b) Berdiot
c) Vosgros
d) Bougros

6.  Which grape is also known as Cencibel?
a) Tempranillo
b) Monastrell
c) Garnacha
d) Macabeo

7.  Which AVA is located in Lake County, California?
a) Cole Ranch
b) Antelope Valley
c) Hames Valley
d) Guenoc Valley

8.  What type of wine is Cap Classique?
a) Sparkling
b) Red blend
c) Sweet white
d) Fortified

9.  Which is a sub-region of the Rapel Valley?
a) Itata Valley
b) Cachapoal Valley
c) Malleco Valley
d) Casablanca Valley

10.   Where is Australia’s Granite Belt?
a) South Australia
b) Tasmania
c) Queensland
d) New South Wales


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