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March 28, 2016   |   By The Society of Wine Educators

The Society of Wine Educators’ free app, SWE Wine and Spirits Quiz, is available on all platforms. Just look for it in your app store or go to It offers a series of fun, educational quizzes covering the five major categories: red, yellow (white wines), spirits, sparkling and dessert wines. Here are this issue’s sample questions.    

1.     What is délestage?
a) Rack-and-Return
b) Whole-Berry Pressing
c) Carbonic Maceration
d) Cold Soak

2.     Which mountain range is just west of Alsace?
a) The Graian Alps
b) The Pyrenees
c) Massif Central
d) The Vosges

3.    What is the minimum percent of Sangiovese required in Chianti Classico?
a) 90%
b) 80%
c) 75%
d) 70%

4.    Where is the Fiefs Vendéens AOC located?
a) Provence
b) Burgundy
c) Pays Nantais
d) Anjoy

5.     Which is an ingredient in Batavia Arrack?
a) Maize
b) Red Rice
c) Malted Barley
d) Blue Agave

6.    What is the main flavor in the Spanish spirit Chinchón?
a) Juniper
b) Honey
c) Saffron
d) Anise

7.    Which soil type makes up the “backbone” of much of New Zealand?
a) Greywacke
b) Kimmeridgian Clay
c) Tuffeau
d) Slate

8.    After Malbec, what is the leading red grape of Argentina?
a) Cabernet Sauvignon
b) Bonarda
c) Pinot Noir
d) Merlot

9.    Where is the Eagle Peak AVA located?
a) Mendocino County
b) Texas High Plains
c) Santa Maria Valley
d) Southern Oregon

10.     Where is the Van Duzer Corridor?
a) Puget Sound
b) Ontario
c) Oregon
d) Monterey County


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