Wine Quiz: Answers


September 22, 2016   |   By The Society of Wine Educators


1.  Which is a vin de liqueur fortified with Armagnac?

a)  Liquore Strega
b)  Floc de Gascogne
c)  Chambord
d)  Amer Picon

2. Which is one of the leading white grapes of the Veneto?
a)  Chenin Blanc
b)  Isabella
c)  Cortese
d)  Garganega

3. Which distiller produces Rhum Martinique?
a)  Saint James
b)  St. Nicholas Abbey
c)  Foursquare
d)  Appleton

4.  What type of wine is produced at Clos La Coutale?
a)  Cahors
b)  Vouvray
c)  Red Burgundy
d)  Sancerre

5.    What is the only allowed grape in the Weinviertel DAC?
a)  Pinot Noir
b)  Grüner Veltliner
c)  St. Laurent
d)  Riesling

6.  What country has a wine region known as “Knolls of Dobrogea”?
a)  Crimea
b)  Serbia
c)  Romania
d)  Austria

7.    What is a stobrawa?
a)  A white grape variety
b)  A red grape variety
c)  A type of potato
d)  A species of grain

8.  Which winery is located in Lake County, California?
a)  Copain Wines
b)  Langtry Estates
c)  Calluna Vineyards
d)  Marimar Estate

9. What is the main grape variety of the Bouzeron AOC?
a)  Aligoté
b)  Sauvignon Blanc
c)  Chardonnay
d)  Chenin Blanc

10.  Which grape is also known as Morellino?
a)  Merlot
b)  Barbera
c)  Tempraniollo
d)  Sangiovese


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