Crossword – Answers

December 19, 2016   |   By Barry Wiss, CWE, CSS, of  Trinchero Family Estates


1 Wine-growing estate in Burgundy. – Domaine

3 Synonym for Pineau de la Loire (grape of Vouvray). – Chenin Blanc

5 Burgundy’s blended red wine: Bourgogne ______ ______ ______. – Passe-Tout-Grains

6 Loire Valley’s first grand cru (three words) – famous sweet Chenin Blanc.- Quarts de Chaume

9 Number of Bordeaux first growths. – Five

11 Number of grand cru villages in Champagne. – Seventeen

14 Bordeaux estuary leading to the Atlantic. – Gironde

16 Bordeaux’s most planted red grape. – Merlot

19 River east of Alsace. – Rhine

21 French for “late harvest.” – Vendange Tardive

23 Considered the “spiritual” home of Pinot Noir, north part of Cote d’Or. – Cote de Nuits

26 French wine region that produces almost exclusively white wines, east of the Vosges. – Alsace

27 Burgundy’s other red grape. – Gamay

28 General name for different plots of land in Burgundy. – Climat




2 Grape of Muscadet (three words). – Melon de Bourgogne

4 Region in Burgundy that produces white wines exclusively (Chardonnay). – Chablis

7 Champagne’s “Hills of White” region just below the Marne River. – Cote des Blancs

8 Champagne, juice from last pressings of grapes. – Taille

10 American “louse” that almost destroyed French wine industry. – Phylloxera

12 Between the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers (three words) – “between two tides.” – Entre deux Mers

13 Most planted red grape variety grown in the Champagne region. – Pinot Noir

15 AOC region limited to rose wine only. – Tavel

17 Top-of-the-line sparkling produced by a Champagne house: _________Cuvee Prestige

18 The “Garden of France.” Hint: also contains the Cher River. – Loire Valley

20 French wine middleman. – Negociant

22 Strong, cold wind of Provence. – Mistral

24 Region of the Loire Valley that is closest to the Atlantic Ocean: Pays Nantais

25 Auxerrois, Pressac grape also known as Malbec