Wine Quiz – Answers

December 19, 2016   |   By The Society of Wine Educators

1.     What is the term for a single-variety Grappa?
    b.)    Monovitigno

2.     The Castelli di Jesi area produces a DOCG wine using which grape?
    c.)    Verdicchio

3.     Which vodka is produced in Austria?
    d.)    Monopolowa

4.     What is the main grape variety of Menetou-Salon?
    a.)    Sauvignon Blanc

5.     What is the largest wine region in Switzerland?
    b.)    Valais 

6.     Which is a traditional, oxidative wine produced in Greece?
    a.)    Verdea 

7.     What name is used for grapes descended from Mission grapes?
    c.)    Criolla

8.     Which is located farthest south?
    d.)    Malleco Valley

9.     What type of wine is produced in El Puerto de Santa Maria?
    b.)    Sherry  

10.     Where is the Eagle Peak AVA located?
    c.)    Mendocino County