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Mixing It Up and Looking Back

This year we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of our magazine! It’s hard to believe that time has flashed by so quickly. The magazine was first published as IMI drinks for three years...

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A View From the Summit

Publisher's letter by Don Billings. This fall in the Mix along with iMi Agency produced and presented our fourth B4 Summit, and our base camp was the iconic Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado...


Whisky and Golf

September 21st, 2018   |   By Don Billings For several years, I had it in the back of my mind to do a father-and-son trip to Scotland. This was on my bucket list, but each...

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Publisher’s Letter

What happens when you have poorly trained bar and server staff? First, it leads to lost sales, profits and traffic. Let’s look at it from the big picture view.


Wine Dogs: A Book Review

On a recent trip to Napa wine country, I came across this new wine publication with a unique twist, which is from a dog’s eye view of the vineyard. Everyone knows that California is home to...


Mixing it Up at the Bar

Bartender, Mixologist or Bar Chef – that is the question. What is the best description, or is there one? Reflections from Tony About-Ganim, Dale DeGroff, Kathy Casey, Francesco LaFranconi...


Scotch Whisky: Water of Life

We visited The Cloister Resort at Sea Island for a Take-5 interview with Lorne Cousin, Scotch ambassador for Balvenie single malt Scotch. Along with a discussion on single malts in general...