Author - Edward Korry


Wines with Altitude (or Attitude)

By Edward M. Korry CHE CSS CWE This article is a little different in the sense that it suggests that wines made from grapes grown in fairly high altitude, no matter the region, have a...


Alexander Valley’s Crown Jewels

I had my first taste of an Alexander Valley AVA wine several decades ago, in the ‘80s, while managing a restaurant. I remember it as if it were last week. It was a Rodney Strong Vineyards’...


An American in Tuscany

While there is no doubt that several historical personalities have played a key role in the evolution of Brunello di Montalcino’s worldwide reputation, arguably none has been as significant...


Sicilian Wine Treats

Marsala wine sales have dropped rather precipitously in recent decades, there has been a concomitant rise of promising stars reflecting the potential for Sicily to become one of Europe’s...


Sticky Business

Australian wines called “stickies.” The term refers to a particular classification of sweet, even unctuous Australian wines that barely measure a blip in wine press. Yet these wines have...


Rhum Agricole 101 by Edward Korry

With the renaissance of interest in rum and rhum agricole, there’s a greater need than ever for education, lest both bartenders and customers be surprised by unexpected tastes in rhum...


Liqueurs 101 by Edward Korry

It seems as if most of the cocktail world has been focused more on spirits and bitters than on the category of liqueurs. This is unfortunate, as liqueurs are not only such a key flavoring...


Whiskey 101 with Ed Korry

Whisk(e)y, from the ancient Gaelic word uisgebaugh (pronounced whees-geh-baw) meaning “water of life,” was probably first made in Eire in the 11th century. Whisky without the “e” represents...


Gin 101 with Ed Korry

While gin lost its preeminence over vodka three decades ago, it has undergone a slight resurgence in the last few years, especially in the ultra-premium and premium brands category.


Vodka 101

Culinary, food service, and restaurant management students at Johnson & Wales University are required to gain more than just a rudimentary knowledge of vodka, as they will need to more...